Weds Nite Race, Series III Race 5 (CYC)

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September 25, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Boat Location:
Lewis Wharf Marina
1 Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
Weds Nite Race, Series III Race 5 (CYC) @ Lewis Wharf Marina | Boston | Massachusetts | United States

All crew meet at Lewis Wharf at 5:00 PM to rig up, boat is off the dock at 5:30 PM with the first warning for the fleet scheduled at 6:30 PM. I anticipate being back to the dock between 8-9:00 PM.

Be at Lewis Wharf Marina - Wed September 25th @ 5:00PM EDT

Race Results: 2nd out of 9  
Crew Color Codes: Green crew is confirmed. Yellow crew need to verify with Skipper. Red does not crew for event. White crew position assignment not made yet and tally as Maybe - need to verify with Skipper.
 Name Position AssignmentAvailable Crew Comment
Chris Helm
Erin Spin Trim
Fred Bow
Jackson Jib Trim
Sal Midmast
Steve Pit
Sunny Mast
Tom Main Trim
Deanna Not Assigned?
Anders Stay Ashore
Big Jim Not AssignedX
Caleb Not AssignedX
Kyrre Stay Ashore
Maureen Not AssignedX
Paige Stay Ashore
Skip Not AssignedX
Total Crew 9 = Confirmed (8) + Maybe (1) -- Maybe includes Available with no position assigned
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  1. Hello Weds Nite Racers.

    Can you believe it’s the second-to-last Weds Nite race of the year? No, neither can I! We have a full boat tomorrow night with 9 scheduled and with 2 “standby” racers (Kyrre and Sal) in case anyone can’t make it out. If it looks like you have to bail, reach out to either of them directly to fill in for you, the earlier in the day the better.

    Assuming you can make it out, it appears we have another lovely evening in store. Forecast calls for a high of 74 during the day and sunny, with temps dropping into the low 60s overnight. No rain is in the forecast as of now, and 5-10 knots from somewhere Southish is likely. Low tide is at 2:42 PM, so it will be flooding all race long, and sunset is at 6:38, which is 3 minutes BEFORE our scheduled start…egads!!

    We’re locked in a tight battle with Lance for 1st place in the 3rd series (after winning 1st in series 1 & 2) and need one more finish ahead of RockIt to lock in the win…so let’s get it done tomorrow night, OK??

    See you then.


  2. Hello all,

    Well, a few changes to tonight’s roster (with Paige and Anders unable to sail but Sal joining us) has us a usual crew of 8 with a few people swapping positions. Tom moves from jib to main, Jackson from mast to jib, and Sunny from midmast to mast with Sal sliding into midmast.

    It is gorgeous out on the harbor right now, sunny and warm(ish) with 10-15 out of the NW…fingers crossed that breeze holds long enough to get a race in. See you all soon!


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