Race Results for Weds #7 (Cottage Park Rumble) – 7/10/19

Wow, what a beautiful night to be on the water. Details to follow…but 1st out of 14 boats, finishing over 8 minutes ahead of the second place boat Rockit over a 6.9 mile course…well done!

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Race Results for Constitution Cup – 7/6/19

A beautiful day, and 1st out of four boats. Details to follow:

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Race Results for Annual Regatta – 7/4/19

2nd out of 3 boats in ORR, we were 2 minutes and 45 seconds behind after a 90 minute race…so close, and yet. We’ll get them next time. Details to follow:

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Race Results for Weds #6 – 7/3/19

1st of 8 boats, 1st overall for the six-race, Series 1 out of 9 total boats. Well done! Details to follow:

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Race Results for Scituate Invitational – 6/29/19

Details to follow: Results Link

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Race Results for Weds #5 – 6/26/19

Details to follow: https://regattaman.com/results.php?race_id=274&cancel_dest=def_event_page.php&rnum=4&eid=274&yr=2019&ssort=12&sdir=1&ssdir=1

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Race Results for Solstice Regatta – 6/22/19

Details to follow: https://regattaman.com/results.php?race_id=376&yr=2019&cancel_dest=calendar.php&rnum=0&eid=376&ssort=12&sdir=1&ssdir=1

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Race Results for Weds #4 – 6/19/19

Details to follow: https://regattaman.com/results.php?race_id=274&cancel_dest=def_event_page.php&rnum=3&eid=274&yr=2019&ssort=12&sdir=1&ssdir=1

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Race Results for Bob Hartyl Memorial Regatta – 6/15/19

Details to follow: https://regattaman.com/results.php?race_id=36&yr=2019&cancel_dest=calendar.php&rnum=99&eid=36&ssort=5&sdir=1&ssdir=1

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Race Results for Weds #3 (Hingham Rumble) – 6/12/19

Actual Conditions Conditions: Mostly sunny Precipittion: None Temp: Warm in the mid 70s°F Winds: Shifty and gust. Started out SE at 12 knots, went E at 8 knots, then shifted to SW at 15 knots, building to 20 knots, gusting to 25 knots. Crew Helm – Chris Main Trim – Paige Jib Trim – Tom …

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